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Breaking Dawn-Part Two

Sarah’s View

Hello my name is Sarah and yes, I might be pushing 30 (cough), but I am a Twilight fan. I don’t totally appreciate the ‘twi-hard’ label as it makes me think of hysterical 15 year olds but in essence I admit that I belong to the club.

I was introduced to Stephanie Meyer’s books several years ago by my best friend and they quickly filled a gap that was left at the end of Joss Whedon’s epic Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.

The story of awkward new girl Bella Swan, who moves to a remote town to live with her father, and falls in love with the charming vampire Edward Cullen, has become the noughties version of Buffy and Angel. Thanks to the film franchise, Twilight has since become a phenomenon.

Breaking Dawn: Part Two, the final film of the five-part saga (yes five!) is out in cinemas now. For fans of the books like me, it exceeded my expectations, managing to completely shock and surprise, whilst remaining true to the pages of Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling book.

The latest instalment begins with sweeping landscape shots of the beautiful surroundings of Forks in Washington State, USA set to the music score named ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ written by Carter Burwell which has featured throughout all five films.

A slow start as Bella wakes up to her new life as a blood thirsty vampire and is reunited with her and Edward’s baby girl. The baby (with the awful name Renesmee!) did irritate me through most of this film as I kept wondering why they created a bizarre looking CGI baby rather than just use an actual human baby?! Its strange look took away from the scenes in which it featured.

Without giving too much away from the plot (and for those who did read the books the surprise at the end), Breaking Dawn Part Two spends much of the time gearing up for the Cullen’s confrontation with the ruling forces of the vampire world- the Volturi.

We are introduced to new vampire families and covens, each with special gifts, who are ready to stand behind Edward and Bella as they defend the life of their child.

This material all culminates in an epic finale which was so unexpected that myself and my two ‘twi-hard’ friends gasped in horror. In fact for a fan like myself, it was disturbing and uncomfortable viewing for a good ten minutes as my mind rolled with confusion.

Alas, I cannot say what this confusion was about or whether it was resolved. Only to say that I think the final instalment of the saga is one of the best. The fact that the scriptwriters, producers and director Bill Condon had the guts to dare to do something different, and surprise us fans, I applaud it. I haven’t been so entertained or had so much to talk about after a film in a long time.

Review by Sarah Bryden


Twilight Breaking Dawn-Part Two

Amber’s View

QUICK recap of the first four films, you all know the story, girl meets vampire, girls friend turns into a werewolf (we will come back to him!). Girl falls in love with Vampire, gets married and has a baby before dying as the fourth film ends.

Following the forth book ALMOST to the letter we see New-born Bella Cullen, as she comes to terms with her new outlook on immortal life.  Full of laughs and secret jokes this is definitely a Twilight fans dream.  The Volturi are on their way, the Cullen’s travel to find old and new friends willing to stand with them.

With lots of new characters and powers to get used to we have the usual suspects giving us a helping hand for the who’s who.  Of course how can i forget the newest member of the Cullen family and her ever faithful friend.  Personally there were a few visual technical problems with baby Renesmee but if you can overcome that then hold on for the TWIST!

Back to the Werewolf, he has changed his outlook and is happy to let Edward look after his new-born Wife, as he comes to an agreement with his pack and turns his attention to Renesmee. The wolf pack grows and agrees to help the Cullen’s stand up to the Volturi.

THE TWIST!! Anyone who has read Breaking Dawn will understand there was a massive change to the book! I will not go any further but i will say well done to the writers for keeping me on the edge of my seat, as the little girl beside me (I Would say she was too young to have read the books) was crying and screaming at the screen.  A brilliant outcome to a great film!

With familiar faces joined by new, a fabulous soundtrack and some great fight scenes, Breaking Dawn Part Two is a great way to end the Saga.

Or is it really the end?? 

Review by Amber Hassan


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