Cinema Day Event: Defining the Cinematic Experience!

Why do we love cinema?

Date: Monday, 28 August 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Strand Arts Centre
Admission: £3.50 (Under 18s go free)

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On Cinema Day BanterFlix will be hosting a panel discussion at the Strand Arts Centre as we seek to define the cinematic experience for audiences today  as we celebrate 121st anniversary of film exhibition arriving in Northern Ireland.

Host Jim McClean will be joined by special guests as they chat about the changing nature of how we consume film within the digital era.

Has television replaced film within popular culture?  Does watching a cinematic classic on our tablet or phone diminish its value? 35mm or 4K, which do we prefer at the cinema? Has the internet blogger devalued film criticism? What effect has ‘event cinema’ and the rise of community cinema groups had upon what we consider the traditional cinematic experience!

We’ll attempt to answer these questions and more as we try to discover ‘why going to the pictures’ holds such a special place in people’s hearts.


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