Banterflix’s Belfast Film Festival Planner: Mat’s Picks

Belfast Film Festival

Mat’s Festival Planner

11th April

  • Made in Belfast  (Movie House Dublin Road 7pm)- Local feature

12th April

  • The Breakfast Club (Inst Library 7.30pm)

13th April

  • Spoof or Die  (QFT 5PM)– Local feature

14th April

  • A Hijacking (QFT 7pm)

15 April

  • Film Devoir (Black Box 7pm) –My Festival highlight

16th April

  • Boy Eating the Birds food (BFF Micro-Cinema 8pm)

17th April

  • The Exorcist (Movie House Dublin Road 9pm)

18th April

  • The Do Decca Pentathlon (Beanbag Cinema 9pm)

19th April

  • Crave (BFF Beanbag Cinema 9pm)-My must see festival film

20th April

  • First Comes Love (BFF Micro-Cinema 7pm)

21st April

  • Short Film Competition (QFT from 10am)- Something Different


 Matthew P. Collins

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