Banterflix’s Belfast Film Festival Planner: Richard’s Picks

Richard’s Festival Planner

Thursday 11th

  • La Traviata (St Anne’s cathedral 8.30pm) – Something different

Friday 12th

  • Tony Grisoni (QFT 7pm)
  • Pablos Winter (QFT 9pm)

Saturday 13th

  • John Alan Simon, (BFF Micro-cinema 3pm)
  • Only the Young (QFT 7pm)
  • The Wall (QFT 9pm)

Sunday 14th

  • Human Trafficking (BFF Micro-cinema 3pm)
  • Simon Aeppli (Beanbag cinema 7pm)
  • Vanishing Waves (QFT 9.15pm)

Monday 15th:

  • What is this Film Called Love? (QFT 7pm) –My must see Festival film
  • The Iceman (QFT 9pm)

Tuesday 16th

  • Last Tango in Belfast (QFT 9pm)

Wednesday 17th

  • Political Drama What Drama (The Mac 6pm)
  • BFF Quiz (Black Box 7pm)My Festival Highlight

Thursday 18th

  • Wrong time Wrong Place (QFT 9.15pm)

Friday 19th

  • Devices of Detachment (BFF Micro-cinema 6pm)
  • We Never Give Up (The Mac 7.30pm)
  • Crave (Beanbag Cinema 9pm)

Saturday 20th

  • Short Film Programme (QFT from 10am)
  • The Man Who Loved Cinema (QFT 2pm) – Local feature
  • Off Label (Beanbag Cinema 7.30pm)
  • Evil Dead 2 (Ormeau Park 9pm)

Sunday 21st

  • Short Film Programme (QFT from 10am)
  • We are Legion (Beanbag Cinema 1pm)
  • My Brooklyn (Beanbag Cinema 3pm)
  • Final Cut (Movie House Dublin Road 7pm)

Richard Richard Davis

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