Black Christmas

Join us for a very different kind of Christmas screening this December

Tired of watching all the usual Christmas movies? Why not join Banterflix at the Beanbag Cinema for a screening of Bob Clark’s Christmas Slasher Black Christmas on Saturday 17th December.

This 1974 film is not only credited with helping invent the Christmas horror genre, but also with helping form the genre of slasher movies altogether, as it predates Halloween by four years. It tells the story of a sorority house whose members are being murdered by a mysterious killer hiding in their attic during Christmas break.


Margot Kidder, who would later go on to play Louis Lane in Richard Donner’s Superman is on fine form as the as a boozed-up sorority girl, but it’s the direction itself that’s most impresses in this quintessential festive shocker. It’s nasty as hell and ably builds the tension with brilliant use of alternating perspectives for the killer – including an opening POV that Carpenter himself would later borrow for Halloween.

If nobody mentions the terrible 2006 remake, then we won’t either!

Tickets cost £6 each and admission includes a free beer (or soft drink if you’d prefer) upon arrival. Tickets can be booked online through our box-office partner, Visit Belfast.

Doors open at 7.30pm, screening starts sharply at 8pm.

For other alternative Christmas movies, check our selection from our online movie store.



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