BanterFlix’s Cult Movie Night: The Hudsucker Proxy

BanterFlix’s Cult Movie Nights: The Hudsucker Proxy

Director: Joel and Ethan Coen

Cast:  Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman and Bruce Campbell.

Date: Friday 27th May

Location: Belfast Film Festival’s Beanbag Cinema

Time: Doors 7.30pm (Screening starts 8pm)

Price: £5

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About the Event

COME and join the BanterFlix team for some beer and pizza as we present a series of special film screenings at the Belfast Film Festival’s Beanbag Cinema. Over the next four months, we’ll be screening a series of cult classics we’ve dubbed ‘Movies You Need to See’.

About The Movie

A comedy of invention that evokes the spirit of Howard Hawks and Frank Capra, The Hudsucker Proxy combines stunning art deco visuals with the eccentricity and character that has now become the very definition of ‘Coenesque’. Initially the film was a flop upon its release in 1994, but this often overlooked Coens’ caper paved the way for The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? & Hail, Caesar! So isn’t it about time we took this hula hoop of a story out for another spin?
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