BanterFlix’s Star Trek Month

BanterFlix have found a new home, from September we’ll be hosting regular movie nights at the Hudson Bar in Belfast. On the first and third Wednesday of every month we’ll be taking over the Hudson’s Loft Bar and screening some fantastic movies for you.

To kick things off we’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Star Trek franchise by screening a double-bill of classic within the franchise’s cinematic history. First up on Wednesday 7th September we’re screening The Wrath of Khan and then on the 21st September we’ll show First Contact. On the night each screening will be introduced by a member of USS Caroline, the only Star Trek fan club in Northern Ireland.

Our screening of Wrath of Khan will be the newer expanded director’s cut of the film. Kahn is without doubt one of the most popular films within the original franchise, Nicholas Meyer’s film sees William Shatner’s Admiral Kirk facing off against his old nemesis Khan Noonien Singh.



First Contact is the first film within the franchise’s cinematic history that solely focuses on the Next Generation era as Patrick Stewart’s Jean Luc Picard faces off against The Borg.

Kirk or Picard you decide, or why not come to both? Tickets for the screening cost £6 and can now be purchased from Visit Belfast: either through their online Box-Office or by calling into their Welcome Centre on 9 Donegall Square.


Thanks to the Clear Sky Brewing Company all pre-booked tickets receive a complimentary beer upon arrival (Or soft drink if you’d prefer).


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