Belfast Based Documentary Filmmaking Course Starting Soon


ATTENTION local filmmakers, Blick Studios in Belfast will be running a documentary filmmaking course from their Hill Street studio in Belfast from Monday 3 February. Costing £60, the six-week long course will guide students through all aspects of film production from scripting and development, to production and editing. Participants will collectively work together to produce a short film, but iwill also be given the opportunity to develop their own material.

The course will be taught by Ben Jones of Hooptedoodle Films, who has been producing and directing documentary films for more than ten years.  Many of the films have been commissioned and broadcast on BBC, Channel Four, RTE and the ITV network channels within the UK and Ireland.

An experienced researcher, editor, producer and cameraman; Ben has worked for many other companies as well to deliver training workshops in editing and camera skills. He has filmed in many locations across Europe as well as recently in Israel/Palestine and in the US. Ben established Höoptedoodle Films, in 2001, as a mini independent production company specialising in documentary film.

Running from the February 03 until the March 10, this is a great opportunity for local filmmakers to get real hands on opportunity within the field and gaining valuable industry experience. Check out Blick Studio’s website for more information on this course and others that are available .

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