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EARLIER this week we spoke to the director and executive-producer of Faraway, one of the local features that is receiving its première at this year’s Belfast Film Festival. Stephen Don and El Porter-McCullough have kindly offered us up two VIP tickets to the film’s première on Thurs 18 April at 7pm at the Movie House Dublin Road. The lucky winners will have a chance to meet the director and cast, who will be in attendance at the event and get a free signed poster of the film.

Faraway tells the story of characters normally seen on the fringe of Northern Irish society, focussing on two innocents: a Chinese woman, Lin and a Polish man, Karol, who get drawn in to events against their will.

A strong ensemble cast includes Jennifer Lim (Hostel, When Evil Calls, Rogue Trader, Code 46, Act of Grace, Piercing Brightness), Daniel York (The Beach, Rogue Trader, Doom, Act of Grace, Mercutio’s Dreaming: The Killing of a Chinese Actor), Ignacy Rybarczyk (Promised Land, Sunday Morning, Girls, Ripper Street), Jacek Duszni (Ripper Street), Maria Connolly (Betrayal of Trust), Natalia Kostrzewa (The Good Doctor, The Looking Glass, The Shadows), Oscar Mienandi (Jeszcze Raz, I Hate Musicals), Tom Collins (50 Dead Men Walking, You looking at me?, Michael Collins, Best), Matthew McArdle (Fifty Dead Men Walking), Stephen Don (Game of Thrones, Grand Mal, Mo) and many more.

To win his prize just email us the answer to the simple question below, to our email address With Faraway Comp in the title.

What was the name of Stephen Don’s character in Game Of Thrones?

Competition closes at 12AM on Tuesday 16 April.


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