Chris Caldwell’s Top Five Xmas Horror Movies

We recently asked Pastiebap’s Chris Caldwell to compile together his top five Christmas themed horror movies for our TV show on NvTv.

If you can’t wait until the, here’s the list right here.

Number Five – Santa’s Slay

Featuring ex-WCW world champion Bill Goldberg as a nasty Santa who originally became the giver of gifts after losing a bet with an angel, when the bet ends the killing begins. This has surprising good production values and is funny, horrific and festive in all the right amounts. No awards for this one but a lot better than it really has any right to be

Number Four – A Christmas Horror Story

Just released this year, this adopts a Trick R Treat style approach of separate interwoven tales of Christmas horror. William Shatner is our host and plays a hard drinking radio DJ that helps tie all the tales together. Shocks, twists and some surprisingly good CGI make this some good schlocky fun.

Number Three – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


Scandi-Horror/Action Adventure at it’s finest. Evil Corporations, Amazing Scenery, a scary Santa Buried 486 feet underground and elves that will tear you apart. File this in the guilty pleasures section, but feel a little bit smarter for watching a film with subtitles.

Number Two – The Nightmare Before Christmas


The perfect mix of horror and Christmas for all the family, the traditional stop gap animation and songs have made this a timeless classic and for good reason – a film that stands up today as being as good as when it was first release am amazing 22 years ago! (Boy does that make me feel old)

Number One – Gremlins


Written By Chris Columbus and Directed by Joe Dante, 1984’s Gremlins is my number one pick for Christmas Horror.  It treads that fine line between comedy and horror, amazing cuteness, like the first time we see the furry Gizmo with his big eyes, to astounding blood shed like when we see a Gremlin being blitzed in a blender.

Before CGI was a thing films like this thrived on practical effects and I’d argue it breathed more life into the creatures that a computer ever could.  We’ve all seen it before but this being Christmas I’d say it’s the perfect time to dust off that old VHS copy…

So that’s Chris’s list, any other festively themed horror movies you can think of that didn’t quite make his top five.

Review by Chris Caldwell
Review by Chris Caldwell @trampcorpse


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