He is the Law

Event Info

BanterFlix and the Comic Book Guys Present: Dredd

Date: Saturday 6th May 2017

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Queen’s Film Theatre

Admission £6

Capacity: 9.30pm


To celebrate Free Comic Book Day and the 40th anniversary of one of British comics’ most iconic creations BanterFlix and the Comic Book Guys have partnered up with The Queen’s Film Theatre to put on a special screening of Dredd (2012).

Boasting an ultra-violent screenplay written by Alex Garland, Peter Travis’s feature was a much more stripped down, grittier approach to Dredd than its 1995 predecessor starring Sylvester Stallone and remained true to the ethos of John Wagner’s Dirty Harry-esque creation.

Featuring a fantastic central performance from Karl Urban as the grizzled law enforcer with that iconic jaw-line, the film sees Dredd partnering with Olivia Thrilby’s Anderson, a young cadet with physic powers. Together they must fight for their lives as they try to take down Lena Headey’s villainous Ma-Ma: a prostitute, turned drug-lord who’s locked them inside a 200 story apartment block.

Thanks to the Comic Book Guys anyone who books a ticket for the screening will be entered into a raffle for some Dredd goodies, including a hand drawn sketch by local artist and 2000AD stalwart P.J. Holden.



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