Dungannon Film Club Presents Good Vibrations (30/04/2014)

TOMORROW evening Dungannon Film Club will be offering viewers the chance to catch Mark Kermode’s film of 2013, the Terri Hooley biopic Good Vibrations. Proudly made in Northern Ireland this feel-good movie is definitely one to try to catch, especially if you missed it the first time round on the big-screen.

Directed by directorial duo Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn, the film received its world-wide première at the Belfast Film Festival two years ago, with local film critic Brian Henry Martin described the occasion as ‘perhaps the greatest film night in the city ever.’

Touring the global film festival circuit to rapturous applause, the film tells the story of the Belfast record shop owner and godfather of Northern Ireland’s punk music scene Terri Hooley and his brief brush with fame in discovering The Undertones.

Armagh’s Richard Dormer gives a wonderful performance as the aforementioned Hooley, an anarchist with too big a heart, a man, who enjoys the thrill of putting on a show more so than reaping the financial rewards. BBC film critic Mark Kermode described the film as: “Charming, passionate and one of those films I really want people to go and see.”

The Screening takes place on Wednesday the 30th April at the Dungannon Arts Centre at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5 each and can be purchased directly from the film club’s website.

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