Will 2016 be the year of the Overachiever?

SO far this year I’ve been able to see three of the bigger, ‘Oscar-touted’ cinematic releases already; whilst I enjoyed them all to varying degrees, I’ve been surprised that despite their vast differences, all three films share one similar plot strand. From the art-house leanings of The Revenant, through to the popcorn munching, multiplex pleaser that is Creed, or David O Russel’s, it’s a wonderful life-esque feature Joy: at their core all three films have their central characters attempting to overcome great adversity to achieve their goals.

Whether it’s battling from the fringes of death in the American wilderness to avenge the death of your son, defying social class and circumstances to achiever the American dream or just free yourself from the shadow and legacy of your father; each film’s protagonist is forced to defy all the odds as they attempt to succeed.

We root for these characters onscreen, willing them from our cinema seat in the hope they achieve the success they so dearly deserve, I for one am not ashamed to admit that while watching Joy earlier this year I found myself becoming unexpectedly emotional over sales of Jennifer Lawrence’s character’s mop; but these people aren’t  just the merely the work of fiction, their stories aren’t limited to the big screen alone.

So spare a thought for those amongst us who try to defy the odds on a daily basis, men and women who refuse to be held back by their circumstances and continue to persevere, no matter what hardship life throws at them.

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Review by Neil Sedgewick @filmsandfaith
Review by Neil Sedgewick @filmsandfaith










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