BanterFlix launch the Dark Hedges Movie Club with an Irish premiere!

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BanterFlix Film Society Presents

The Dark Hedges Movie Club: HomeSick

Venue: The Belfast Film Festival’s Beanbag cinema

Date: Friday 31st March

Time: 9pm  

Admission: £6

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The BanterFlix Film Society launch their Dark Hedges Movie Club within this year’s Belfast Film Festival with the Irish premiere of Jacob M Erwa’s tense psychodrama HomeSick.

The screening starts at 9pm on Friday 31st March at the Beanbag Cinema. Tickets cost £6 and can be booked through the Belfast Film Festival or Visit Belfast box-office.

Passion and insanity are dark neighbours!

Four walls, two people, one happiness that’s what ambitious young cello student Jessica (played by newcomer Esther Maria Pietsch) has in mind when she moves into a new apartment with her boyfriend Lorenz: but as the talented musician prepares to represent Germany in a prestigious musical competition, a sense of paranoia slowly descends upon her as she becomes convinced that she is the subject of harassment by someone within their apartment block and her suspicions lie with an elderly couple, who live above them.

As her paranoia escalates the strain begins to noticeably gnaw on Jessica’s everyday life and pretty soon her beautiful apartment becomes an oppressive prison of her own creation.

HomeSick recalls the claustrophobic tension of early Polanski and work of Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke as Erwa’s feature slowly descends into the realm of horror.

The Dark Hedges Movie Club

Established by BanterFlix in 2017 The Dark Hedges Movie Club aims to showcase cinema’s stranger side! From Irish premieres, cult classics to hidden cinematic gems from around the world: our aim is create a space where lifelong horror fans and genre-curious newbies can come together and discover the wide breadth of unusual stories lurking within the ‘horror’ genre.

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