In Cinemas Now – Red Dawn (2012): Review by Matthew P Collins

Red Dawn * 

Certificate 15 

Running time: 114 minutes 

Directed by  Dan Bradley  

Starring- Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson


WHEN an army of North Korean soldiers begin falling from the sky in a small town in Washington State, a group of local teenagers with Chris Hemsworth at the helm take to guerrilla warfare to defend their town. Red Dawn, was a movie due for release in 2010 but due to MGM’s money problems it is only now getting released and it’s already drastically showing its age.

The cast are a mishmash of stars, some (Hemsworth and Hutcherson) have gone on to star in films such as The Hunger Games and The Avengers, while some may never see the studio lens again. A remake of the 1984 original, this modern take features an outdated play on cold war fears, baring little resemblance to its nostalgically remembered forefather.

There is simply little if any real character development and viewers are kindly asked to leave their logic swiftly left at the door. Even the most gullible, unimaginative, excitable action fans will struggle to care for any of the instantly forgettable characters. Comical at times and sadly not for the right reasons the film features some terrible racial stereotyping.

Red Dawn is simply an outdated remake of what was already an outdated movie format. It embodies the argument for those against foolhardy and money hungry studio remakes, regardless of profit. For those involved, who haven’t already gone on to greater things, this movie will be swiftly forgotten. For those who haven’t this may signal the sun setting on a short movie career.

Review By Matthew P Collins

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