In Cinemas Now – The Internship: Review by Matthew P. Collins

The Internship (*)

Certificate 12A

Running time: 119 minutes

Director: Shawn Levy

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne


WHAT grew clear right from the beginning of this Google ‘ad com’, (advert comedy) is the fact that tax dodging and search restrictions would not be heavily involved in the script. However what I wasn’t expecting was the extent to which this dreadful, out dated, sycophantic piece of work would force so-called ‘googly-ness’ down the throats of the audience in such a constant and claustrophobic way.

The amount of resources ‘Google’ has actually invested in this movie is unclear, but with its blue, red, gold and green palette visible in almost every scene from bicycles and slides to those chairs that apparently people nap in during the office day, there is no doubt where the underlying driving force of this movie lies.

Reunited from Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are Nick and Billy, a pair of 40 something salesmen seeking greener pastures after being laid off. The duo blag their way onto an internship program at Google hoping to find employment within the company. Wilson and Vaughn work predictably well together, though their overlapping salesmen patter shtick becomes irritating after the first, second and third time you hear it.

With the task of proving themselves in a group based set of Googly scenarios, Nick and Billy initially fall short in the opinion of their super clever peers. Shockingly though, through alcohol, strippers, fighting and good times, the lovable group of insecure miss-matches gel together and well, I’ll not spoil the fact whether they get the jobs or not.

The attention to Wilson and Vaughn’s ageing, out dated yet lovably quirky ways are used to highlight just how youthful yet equally quirky and forward thinking Google is, with more than the slightest hint that the entity of Google itself may actually have a living heart behind its hard-working and fun-filled core of wonderfulness.

It’s actually hard tough to believe these days that anyone who’s only in their 40’s would really be so clueless about computers, emails, or even the fact that Professor Charles Xavier isn’t a real person. Somehow however, Levy manages to shoehorn such suggestive nonsense in.

In terms of comedy, this movie has at most, two sharp moments of increased airflow through the nostrils, and a couple of contented smiles when you work out what’s going to happen before everyone else. Sadly it’s not long before you find yourself taking the comedic high ground and any chance of you settling into this movie dries up.

In what seems to be increasingly more common, The Internship acts an early summer filler of a movie, snuck in between blockbusters to maximize profit. It works towards a merciful climax of acceptance, feel good love and of course the fact that a good heart and determination (in spite of computer knowledge, youth, qualifications, time keeping, references, experience rule keeping, and of course IQ levels) will get you anywhere in life, even into the corporate Mecca that is Google.

By Matthew P Collins

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