Mark Kermode Film Night at Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast November 19

‘MORE opinions than Delia Smith has baking trays’ that’s the view on Mark Kermode by Sunday Times reviewer Jonathon Deane. Kermode will be appearing at the Queens Film Theatre In Belfast as part of the Cinemagic festival on November 19. He will partake in a Q and A session, discussing his opinions on the year’s cinematic releases, before a screening of his film choice for the night The Buddy Holly Story.

Famous for his outspoken ‘Kermodian’ rants, he claims the greatest film ever made is the Exorcist and that Sex And The City Two was nothing more than ‘consumerist pornography.’ A YouGov pole in 2010 rated him as the UK public’s most trusted critic

Born Mark Fairney on May 7 1963 he grew up in North London, following the divorce of his parents in his early twenties he adopted his mother’s  maiden name of Kermode.  He studied English at Manchester University where he wrote his PhD thesis on horror fiction.

Starting out in print he contributed to many UK magazines such as Time Out and NME during the 1980’s. In the 1990s he moved into broadcasting where he worked for the BBC and Channel Four, working on documentaries on films like Blade Runner and The Shawshank Redemption.

For the last 10 years he has co-presented a weekly film review show on BBC radio Five Live with Simon Mayo and is also a television presenter on BBC Two’s Culture Show.

In 2010 he started an online movie blog, offering instant movie reviews and ongoing commentary on the film industry. He writes a weekly column in the Guardian newspaper reviewing the weekly DVD releases.

His dislike of many blockbuster Films is not always in line with popular taste, He dislikes all three of the highly successful Transformers films which he regards as ‘a gross infantalisation of the dark hearted serious science fiction he had grown up with.’

According to Kermode in his new book The Good The Bad And The Multiplex, there are three absolute truths in the world. One, the world is round, two, we are all going to die and finally, three, no one enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Tickets for the event, priced at £8, can be purchased from the Cinemagic festival’s website,,  or by contacting the box office directly on 02890311900. The Cinemagic Festival runs in Belfast from November 16 – December 2, with events at various locations throughout the City.

By James McClean

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