Movie House Cityside- Special Toddler Screening of Postman Pat: The Movie (24/05/2014)

EVERYONES favourite postie, Postman Pat will be making a special appearance at the Belfast‘s Movie House Cinema at Cityside on Saturday 24th May to coincide with a special toddler friendly screening of his new movie.

Directed by American filmmaker Mike Disa, the film boasts an array of familiar voices, including Stephen Mangan, David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Ronan Keating lending their vocal talents to this animated feature.

The big-screen adaption of the long-running television series finds Geendale’s famous postie entering a Britain’s Got talent style television competition. With Pat away robots are deployed throughout Greendale to take over his postal duties, but this soon turns out to be an evil plot to take over the world and only Pat can stop it.

The screening starts at 11.30am, tickets cost £3.50 each and can be purchased directly from the Movie House’s website. Parents are advised to get down to the cinema at Yorkgate early so they don’t miss Greendale’s finest and  any tots making their first visit to the cinema will get a My First Movie certificate as well!



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