Shut Up Or Die!

Date: Friday 27th October

Venue: The Beanbag Cinema

Time: 8pm (Doors 7.30pm)

Admission: £6

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Join BanterFlix at the Beanbag Cinema for the last time this year as we screen Bruce McDonald’s wonderfully bizarre, pseudo-zombie movie, Pontypool.

Radio shock-jock Grant Mazzy has just started hosting the morning show at a radio station in the small, remote town of Pontypool, Ontario. What starts as just another day at work soon takes a turn for the sinister when listeners start to bombard the studio with bizarre phone calls and station’s “eye in the sky” weatherman starts to observe strange activity within the town centre.

Based on Tony Burgess’ novel Pontypool Changes Everything, McDonald’s film is a bona-fide cult-classic, featuring a fantastic central performance by Stephen McHattie and a premise that plays on the tropes and cliches we’ve come to expect from the zombie genre.

It’s a BYOB event so come on down, grab a beanbag and enjoy the movie.

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The Dark Hedges Movie Club aims to create a space where lifelong horror fans and genre-curious newbies can come together and enjoy the breadth of unusual stories lurking within the broad ‘horror’ genre.

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