Press Start to Continue – Will 2016 be the Year of the Game?

IN the past video-games and cinema have gone together like chalk and cheese, whilst everyone’s favourite hobby might’ve taken many cues from its silver screen counterpart, reversing the code has often led to the game being over before it’s barely begun.

From the Super Mario Brothers to Lara Croft, some of gaming industry’s biggest icons have been trailed through the muck over the years. This huge array of cinematic turkeys has led many film critics to stick clothes pegs on their noses, in the hope they don’t catch a whiff of the stench from these stinkers.

The Resident Evil  franchise has spawn a seemingly never-ending string of straight-to-DVD quality action films, whist they might have garnered some degree of cult fandom, they’ve taken all the zombie-shuffling George Romero fun away from the horror franchise. Meanwhile, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat boasted some impressive martial art stunt work, but with their ropey plots and hammy acting, both have found themselves filed under the “so-bad-it’s good” category that resides within the bargain bins of many video shops everywhere.

2006’s Doom tried to bring the first-person perspective to cinemas but not even the charm of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could recover this movie from the depths of Hell. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg’s take on Rockstar’s pill-guzzling detective Max Payne seemed to altogether forget the game’s noir roots. I could go on but in doing so I’d be systematically dismembering the pass-time that I hold so dear.

But in 2016, we might finally see the lowly video game adaptation finally unlock the achievement of turning that trend on it’s head. With four computer game inspired movies on the way, over the next few weeks I’ll be looking at each movie to see if filmmakers have finally discovered that you don’t need cheat codes to make a film that not only impresses fans, but also critics and the general public alike?

Next week I’ll be looking at Ratchet and Clank

written by Leigh Forgie @Butterlee
written by Leigh Forgie


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