QFT Screening: The Monday Club (30/05/2015)

The Monday Club

Cast: Derek Halligan, Shaun Blaney, Robbie Beggs, Nuala Davies, Aaron Gordon, Christopher Paul Heath, Harry Maunsell , Katie Richardson and Zoe Smedberg

Date: Saturday 30th May

Location: Queen’s Film Theatre, 20 University Square, Belfast

Time: 5pm

Price: £4

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About The Movie

The Monday Club ‘was a place to go for a few drinks and great craic.’

Written and directed by local filmmaker Brian Mulholland and produced by Corrine Heaney the film tells the story of Danny the last surviving member of this infamous band of brothers. Monologues, verse and song combine in this beautiful cinematic love-letter to the city of Belfast.

Set mostly within the pub where the ‘magnificent seven’ met up every Monday after work, the film tells the story of the ‘Island men’; a group of individuals who worked in the city’s dockyard.

Danny (Derek Halligan) talks about his old friends and the times they shared, as he reminisces about their friendship over the years; a friendship that saw them share love, loss and family connections.




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