Scream at the Strand


What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?

On Thursday 22nd and 29th October (both 8pm) the Strand Art’s Centre will be screening Wes Craven’s cult ‘meta-horror’ classic, Scream and we’ll be there introducing both screenings.

With its fiendishly clever plot, dark twisted humour and awareness for slasher movie tropes, Scream is credited by many critics as being a film which revitalized the horror genre, which had become stagnant and starved of originality throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Co-written by Craven (who sadly passed away earlier this year) and Kevin Williamson, the film which spanned three sequels and a TV spinoff, is first and foremost a straight forward slasher movie, but it’s also a clever exploration of the effect watching horror movies has upon viewers. With nods to Hitchcock and Agatha Christie, Scream’s plot sees the inhabitants of the sleepy little town of Woodsboro, stalked by a killer who’s seemingly watched one too many scary movie. No one is safe as the killer taunts his prey with horror trivia and stalks them in the now infamous ‘ghost face’ costume, picking them off one by one.

On Thursday 22nd October Conor Smyth from Belfast Film will introduce the movie and a week later on the 29th BanterFlix’s very own Jim McClean will introduce the screening. Tickets cost £3.50 each and can be purchased through the Strand’s website.


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