Strand Arts Centre Presents: Batman Returns screening 30 January


GET ready to work yourselves up into a Bat-frenzy people because the Strand Arts Centre will be screening Tim Burton’s 1992 classic Batman Returns on Thursday 30 January at 8.20pm.

This second instalment in Warner Bros.’ initial Batman franchise saw Michael Keaton reprising the role of the Dark Knight for the last time, in an outing much darker in tone than its predecessor and features more of the director’s now trademark cinematic style .

The film’s plot sees Batman facing off against Christopher Walken’s corrupt  business tycoon Max Shreck  and The nefarious  Penguin (Danny DeVito),  as the scheme to take control of Gotham City. There’s also the small matter of Michelle Pfeiffer’s truly unforgettable performance as Catwoman in THAT costume, as the femme-fatale with her own agenda.

Long Before Christopher Nolan got his hands on the franchise, Ty Burr from Entertainment Weekly described Batman Returns as ‘the first blockbuster art film.’ If you’ve never seen this film before, now’s your chance to see it on a big-screen, tickets for this one-off screening are priced at £3 and can be purchased online here.

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