Takeover Film Festival Event: Harold and Maude + Panel Discussion (04/12/2015)

Harold and Maude + Panel Discussion

Director: Hal Ashby

Cast:  Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles |

Date: Friday 4th December 2015

Location: Queen’s Film Theatre

Time: 6.20pm

Price: £6.70

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About The Movie

Originated as a 20-minute script written as a graduate thesis by Colin Higgins who went on to become a writer-director best known for Foul Play, Nine To Five, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Harold is fascinated by death and all its trappings and meets Maude (Gordon), at two of many funeral services he went to, a 79-year-old concentration camp survivor who is as thrilled with life as he is with death. A classic free spirit, she is the polar opposite of the solemn Harold, who instills in him a desire to live, to spread his wings.

About The Event

This screening is followed by a free audience discussion The Look of Love. Film historian Robert J E Simpson is joined by writer Rachael Kelly, academic Aaron Hunter and Belfast Film Blog’s Conor Smyth in a live discussion on the cinema’s presentation of love. They’ll explore issues presented by the films screening during the festival – including the macabre May to December affair in Harold and Maude, and the fantastic obsessions of Amelie.

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