The BanerFlix CineCast 13 April 2014: Belfast Film Festival Review 3 (Special Events)

WELCOME back to the last in our series of special podcasts dedicated to this year’s Belfast Film Festival. On our last show Jim, Mat, Richard and Leigh share their thoughts on some of the special events that took place throughout the festival’s second week of packed programming.

Filmmaker and patron of the Film Festival Mark Cousins was in town to introduce two of his new films, A Story of Children and Film and Here Be Dragons, but he also was here to discuss his work in progress I Am Belfast, which he is working on alongside David Holmes. The two men were in attendance at a special event at the Queen’s Film Theatre to discuss the project’s progress and we took the opportunity to sit down with Mark Cousins and talk about his various projects within this year’s programme and discuss his continued involvement with the festival itself.

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Enjoy the show Banterettes!

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