The Banterflix BanterCast: 01 December

On this week’s podcast, the last of the current season Jim,Mat and Richard take a look at some of the hottest movie news, have a glance at the weekly top 10 and review some of the recent cinematic releases. Jim gives his verdict on Bradley Cooper’s new feature, Silver Linings Playbook and Richard casts his eye over End of Watch. Mat also shares his thoughts on the documentary, You’ve been Trumped.

With the release of End of Watch, Jim gives his top 5 cop partnerships in cinema.

We’ll have some special podcasts over December and we’ll be back in 2013 with our regular BanterCast shows. Bigger and more Banterful than ever before.

We’re looking guests for the next series, contact us here at If you have a movie an event or something film related we’d love to hear from you.

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