The Banterflix BanterCast 02 Feb 2013: Flight/HPOH Reviews and QFT Feb Preview

We’re Back! Jim, Mat and Richard are back for a new series of all kinds of film related banter.

On the first episode of our new series we have a look at the top films at the UK box-office and discuss the latest movie news and gossip.

We review Hyde Park on Hudson, Flight and Bullet to The Head. We review the recent Film Devour event at the Black Box in Belfast and Richard previews the forthcoming BAFTA film awards, taking place on the 10 Feb.

Jim gives his cinematically topical top 5, this week he picks his five favourite roles of Ballymena actor, Liam Neeson.

We take a look at what the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast will be showing over the month of February, with  Jim and Richard picking films and documentaries to watch out for.

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It’s great to be back Banterettes 🙂

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