The Banterflix BanterCast 14 April: Belfast Film Festival New Cinema Focus


ON this, the second of our 4 short, topic specific podcasts Mat, Jim and Richard cast their eyes over the new cinema category of this year’s Belfast Film Festival.

With a real international feel to this year’s festival we cast our eyes over the various features to look out for during the festival. we pick our must-see films and share our thoughts on some of the more intriguing new films being screened during the festival’s 11 days.

Since Banterflix is all about showcasing local cinematic talent, we interviewed the director and executive producer of Faraway, just one of the local features receiving its première at this year’s event. Stephen Don and El Porter-McCullough talked with Richard about this intriguing thriller, set in modern-day Belfast.

The film tells the story of characters normally seen on the fringe of Northern Irish society, focussing on two innocents: a Chinese woman, Lin and a Polish man, Karol, who get drawn in to events against their will. The film will be shown on Thurs 18 April at 7pm at the Movie House Dublin Road.

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