The Banterflix CineCast 23 February 2014: The BanterFlix Movie Awards 2014


WELCOME back to the second in our series of monthly podcast specials from the Banterflix CineCast team. Hot on the heels of our Film Devour preview show in January comes our Banterflix Movie Award Special (The Banters).

Nestled nicely between the Baftas and the forthcoming Academy Awards, The Banters sees our two resident film critics Jim McClean and Richard Davis going head to head over 12 different cinematic categories.

From Best Soundtrack to Best Feature, Jim and Richard have made their choices and esteemed local film critic Brian Henry Martin has decided the winner.

We’ve also taken the time to recognise the work of a locally run cine-event for their good work over the past 12 months. Our special guest, freelance writer Leigh Forgie has also picked the inaugural inductee into our Banterflix Hall of Fame.

Closing the show we’ve got music from long-time friend of the show Gareth Brown, who performs his cover of the Ryan Adams track Lucky Now, which featured on the soundtrack for Judd Apatow’s This is 40.

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Enjoy the show Banterettes.

We’ll be back in March with our award season review special.

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