The Banterflix Movie Awards 2013 Winners and Nominees


1) Quentin Tarantino award for best screenplay and witty dialogueMoonrise Kingdom (Richard) ( Jim Nominated – Argo)

2) Overlooked Hotel award for Overlooked Film AwardThe Raid (Richard) (Jim Nominated – Hope Springs)

3) Best Soundtrack – Ludovico Einaudi for Untouchable (Richard) (Jim Nominated- Django Unchained)

4) Best Documentary – Mccullin (Both Jim and Richard)

5) Best Local Cinema– Odyssey (Jim)

(Richard Nominated- Movie House Dublin Road)

6) Best Local Cinema Inspired EventFilm Devour (Jim and Richard)

7) NI actor/actress performance in a feature -Richard Dormer in Good Vibrations (Jim and Richard)

8) Best Northern Irish MovieGood Vibrations (Jim and Richard)

9) Best Supporting Actress Award – Dame Judy Dench in Skyfall (Jim)  (Richard nominated Oliva Thirlby in Dredd)

10) Best supporting Actor – Alan Arkin in Argo (Jim)  (Richard nominated Samuel L Jackson in Django Unchained)

11) The Meryl Streep Award– Marion Cotillard in Rust and Bone (Jim) (Richard Nominated Emmanuelle Riva for Amour)

12) The Daniel Day Lewis Award– Joaquin phoenix in The Master (Richard) (Jim nominated Jean-Louis Trintignant in Amour)

13) Cinematic disappointment of the yearPrometheus (Jim and Richard)

14) The Hitchcock award for Directing – Ben Affleck for Argo (Richard) (Jim nominated Michael Haneke for Amour) 

15) The Vertigo Award (Best Movie)Amour (Richard)

(Jim nominated Amour)





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