The Belfast Film Festival Team America Swear Along Screening ( 17/10/2014)

ON Friday 17th October the air will turn blue in the Black Box as the Belfast Film Festival hosts a night of glorious profanity, as they present a special sing-along screening of Team America: World Police.

Written by Trey Parker and Mat Stone, the fiendishly funny duo behind South Park and The Book of Mormon, the film’s plot sees popular Broadway actor Gary Johnston recruited by an elite counter-terrorism organization to help them stop an impending terrorist attack. The actor must use all his acting abilities as he battle terrorists and celebrities alike as he tries to complete his mission.

The film is a wonderful satire of big-budget blockbusters, mocking their overly patriotic nature, cliché-laden screenplays and stereotypical characterization. The use of puppets in a similar vein to Gerry Anderson’s cult British television series Thunderbirds allowed the filmmakers to get away with much more onscreen than they could have ever done with a live action feature, including one of the most unforgettable sex scenes in cinematic history.

This adult only screening will let viewers swear their hearts out for one night only as they sing along to such swear-filled favourites as ‘I’m So Ronery’, ‘America, F*ck Yeah!’ and ‘Pearl Harbour Sucked And I Miss You’. Members of the audience who don’t know the words have no need to worry because lyrics will be provided.

The screening starts at 8.45pm, doors at the venue open from 8pm and viewers are advised to get down early to secure themselves a seat for the night. Tickets for the event cost £7 each and can be purchased directly from the festival’s website or in person at the Belfast Welcome Centre.

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