The Braid Film Theatre Presents Angela’s Ashes (29/05/2014)

THE Braid Film Theatre in Ballymena will be screening Angela’s Ashes on Thursday 29th May at 7pm, with special guest Eddy Joseph, a retired sound engineer who worked on the feature partaking in a special Q&A session afterwards.

Directed by directed by British director Alan Parker and starring Emily Watson and Robert Carlyle, the film based on Frank McCourt’s best-selling autobiography of the same name and chronicles young McCourt’s life in Ireland during the 1930s and 1940s.

The film highlights the poverty that McCourt’s family were forced to endure as they lived with the slums of Limerick city and the problems caused by his father’s alcoholism.

Eddy Joseph who originally hails from Coleraine in Northern Ireland has worked on several blockbuster features such as Enemy at the Gates, Casino Royale and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. His stories about his experiences of working within the film industry should be worth the cost of admission alone.

Tickets for the screening at the Braid Arts Centre cost at £4 and can be purchased directly from the centre’s website or by contacting the box-office directly on 02825635900.

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