The Braid Film Theatre Presents; Joe Dante Day (01/11/2014)


AS part of this year’s BFI Sci-Fi season the Braid Film Theatre in Ballymena will be celebrating the work of acclaimed filmmaker Joe Dante on Saturday 1 November, with an entire day dedicated to showcasing some of the American director’s most memorable features.

Joseph “Joe” Dante, Jr. an American film director, producer and actor who started his career working on such schlocky B-Movie horror flicks such as Piranha and The Howling; but he would eventually find considerable box-office success with features aimed at much younger viewers. Often mixing fantastical storylines with dark comedic moments, the director’s notable back-catalogue includes Gremlins (1984), Innerspace (1987) and The Burbs (1989) to name but a few.

The series of screenings throughout the day starts at 12pm with Matinee, Dante’s comedic love letter to the B-Movie genre. Starring John Goodman as Lawrence Woolsey, a small-time film promoter who hopes to capitalise on the Cuban Missile crisis hysteria by releasing a kitschy horror movie in a small coastal town, utilizing film effects, stage props and actors in rubber suits he promises to offer his patrons the movie going experience of a lifetime.

Other films being shown include some of the director’s most iconic cinematic offerings, including Innerspace (3pm), The Burbs (6pm) and finishing with Gremlins 2: The New Batch at 8pm.

Tickets for each film cost £4 each and can be purchased directly from the Braid’s website, or by contacting the box-office directly on 02825635900.

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