The Descent

Afraid of the dark? You will be!

The Descent 

Date: Friday 26 May

Venue:Beanbag Cinema

Time: 8pm (Doors 7.30pm)

Admission: £6

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We’ll be screening Neil Marshall’s claustrophobic horror film, The Descent on Friday 26 May at the Beanbag Cinema as part of our Dark Hedges Movie Club.

When a caving expedition goes horribly wrong, a group of female explorers find themselves trapped deep underground; as they attempt to escape the darkened caves they inadvertently stumble into the path of a group of blood-thirsty creatures.

Friendships are tested in their pursuit of survival, as the women find themselves struggling to survive each other, let alone these carnivorous predators.

This is a BYOB event so why not bring down a few beers, grab a beanbag and enjoy one of the best British horror films in years.

The Dark Hedges Movie Club

The Dark Hedges Movie Club’s aim is create a space where lifelong horror fans and genre-curious newbies can come together and discover the wide breadth of unusual stories lurking within the ‘horror’ genre.

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