The Sitter



IT’S an awful feeling to sit through a comedy film and hardly laugh, but that’s exactly what happened when I recently watched, The Sitter, certificate 15. A film that’s premise, sounds more like every parent’s worst nightmare than a comedy.


Directed by David Gordon Green, whose previous work includes the 2008 comedy, Pineapple Express. The film stars Jonah Hill as colleague dropout, Noah Griffin, coaxed by his mother into babysitting her friend’s three children for the night. When his girlfriend Marisa, played by Ari Graynor, phones and invites him to a party, Noah bundles the three children into their parent’s car and heads to the party. Sadly things don’t go as Noah Planned.


The film’s biggest problem is that it simply isn’t funny. It’s hard to find humour in a plot that involves young children, drug dealers and criminality, the film relies on toilet humour and expletives for laughs, which simply don’t come. The characters are unlikeable and the plot is silly and predictable. Jonah Hill is capable of much more than this, His recent performance in the basketball drama, Moneyball, showed that the actor has potential, receiving an Academy Award nomination for the role.


Not even Sam Rockwell can save the film and I’m such a fan of his work, he has had such a varied acting career, he was fantastic in Duncan Jones’ 2009, science fiction feature, Moon. But his performance in, The Sitter, is cringe worthy as the films antagonist, drug-dealer Karl.


The only positive thing I can say about this film is its catchy, retro 1990’s soundtrack. But it’s a poor state of affairs when you’re are listening to a film’s music, rather than watching what’s going on on-screen.


This is the first comedy’ I’ve seen so far in 2012, I can only hope for much better throughout the year, otherwise it’s a depressing thought of a year without a decent laugh.

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